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Boyd K. - Elkins, WV

thanks to you we sold our camper

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Terms Of Service - The Fine Print

Service National Marketing Classifieds is an online classified ad marketer. We do this by taking the ad information you provide us and listing it on our website and our network of relevant partner websites. Your ad information may also be provided to parties that have shown interest in the type of item you are selling.

Guarantee We cannot guarantee the success of your ad. We will make every attempt to market your ad with the information you provide us. Many factors including price, location, condition, etc. may affect how quickly your item sells. Our service works much like a newspaper classified ad but on a much larger scale.

Partners Our partners may change at anytime and may reject your item if it's missing critical information, additionally we will only place your ad on relevant parter sites.

Upgrades Our standard listing service is a one time fee until sold. Services like eBay 7 day, eBay 21 day, featured listing, AutaBuy Print Magazine do incur fees each time they are utilized.

Until Sold We will never charge you another fee for our listing service we may however inactivate your ad after 8 months of inactivity To prevent this be sure to let us know every so often that your item is still for sale and also once it has sold. Our partner sites may choose not to display stale ads, we will make every attempt to keep your ad fresh and listed on relevant sites.

Third Party We provide information about third party services for financing, insuring, inspecting, warranties, and more. These services are not provided by National Marketing Classifieds.

Refunds Our service begins at the time your ad is listed we do not offer refunds. We will make every attempt to correct any issues you may have. We also know that sometimes as consumers circumstances may change from day to day, because of this we will honor refunds within the first 72 hours of the sale minus any cost we may have incurred in getting your item listed.

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